Increasing shelf life of fresh fruit, complying with current regulations, contributes to reduce food losses and waste.

POSTHARVEST CLUSTER groups the main companies operating in the postharvest coating and treatment industry for fresh fruits on the European market.

Delivering protective fruit coating formulations and sustainable processes and technologies are the main activities of the POSTHARVEST CLUSTER members companies.


We increase shelf life of fresh fruits


To defend sector´s interests and competitiveness of the companies  on post-harvest sector.


To promote and to improve applications and formulations for postharvest uses with the aim of incresing the shelf-live of fresh fruits and vegetables.

To contribute to sustainabilty of the post-harvest related activities.





To increase food safety

To contribute to the defense of sustainable  chemistry in the post-harvest treatments.

To contribute to reduce fruits and vegetables wastage along the food chain.

To defend the use of only approved products.

To sponsor studies for regulatory purposes.

Postharvest products and technologies

 Food additives

Plant Protection


Regulatory frame

EU –  EC –  EFSA

MM.SS.  –  CC.AA.

Protective coatings for fresh fruits and vegetables

Application and process equipment. Indoor applications


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